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Maharashtra Social Olympiad
Last Updated On Jun 9 2014 5:35PM
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MKCL and Nirman brings you this activity based program which aims to...  

  • Create a change in vision, attitude and actions of the young participants  
  • Increase their circle of concern and compassion
  • Help them develop better thoughts, sensitivity and awareness 

Maharashtra Social Olympiad will support and guide to carry out group activities lead by young students. These activities will result in social benefit and self-exploration of the students. 

If you are a socially aware and active citizen who believes in action for a better India...

If you believes in young generation and ready to guide them...

If you want to be a part of a positive change...

Step forward.

Enrollment starts on 16th June 2014

आम्ही नेमके काय करतो?

(The Pilot Program of 'MH Social Olympiad' is open for limited entries)
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